Evidence-Based Sentencing

Evidence-Based Sentencing Advocacy

EPIC Sentencing Solutions LLC provides creative, evidence-based sentencing services to criminal defense attorneys in Springfield and Southwest Missouri. We understand treatment courts and other alternative sentencing options and can give criminal defense lawyers the information and tools they need to get their clients better results at sentencing or disposition. Whether defense counsel needs a private pre-sentence investigation, an evidence-based sentencing mitigation report or advice on some aspect of a client’s case, we have the knowledge, wisdom and understanding to help criminal defense lawyers achieve the best possible outcome for their clients.


Sentencing: a Critical Stage

(c)  Defense counsel should present all arguments or evidence which will assist the court or its agents in reaching a sentencing disposition favorable to the accused….
(d)  Defense counsel should gather and submit to the presentence officers, prosecution, and court as much mitigating information relevant to sentencing as reasonably possible….
ABA Standards for Criminal Justice, The Defense Function §8.3(c-d) (4th ed. 2015)

Approximately 95 percent of criminal cases in federal and state courts are disposed of without a trial. The sentencing phase is a critical stage of the criminal process, requiring the assistance of a zealous and competent defense attorney. In fact, federal and state appellate courts have noted that sentencing may well be the most important part of the entire criminal process, requiring defense counsel to direct as much energy and resources to the sentencing phase as to pretrial preparation.

Most criminal defense lawyers work hard to fulfill these obligations and secure the best possible outcome for their clients. However, clear and obvious benefits result from outsourcing the collection and documentation of mitigating factors to an independent sentencing advocate who has specialized knowledge about sentencing theory and a working knowledge of treatment courts.

Every Life is a Story

Our pre-sentence investigations and evidence-based mitigation reports accurately tell those parts of a defendant’s story which a judge needs to consider at sentencing. We document that story through proof of education, employment, accomplishments and character. Although a PSI or mitigation report is typically used at sentencing, our reports can help a criminal defense attorney during plea negotiations or even before the filing of charges. At EPIC Sentencing Solutions, we look at the big picture. Because stories can change, lives can change. Using evidence-based concepts, we help criminal defendants change their lives by changing the stories they tell themselves.

Whether a criminal defense attorney needs an objective private pre-sentence investigation, an evidence-based sentencing mitigation report or an experienced sentencing advocate on the defense team, EPIC Sentencing Solutions can help. I look forward to the opportunity of serving you and your clients.


Excellent PSI

Another highly respected lawyer in Springfield recommended Souder Tate to me as the best person to research and prepare my Pre-Sentence Investigation that my lawyer submitted to the court prior to my sentencing date. Souder Tate was not only efficient but realistically yet positively presented a thorough profile of my background.

Most importantly, he was able to quickly identify the most important information to highlight and the best people to write personal letters attesting to my character to include in the file he submitted to the court. In fact, my own attorney specifically referred to statements directly from my PSI during my sentencing hearing to ensure that they were highlighted during his statement to the judge. His staff was also extremely helpful.

I have no hesitation in recommending Souder Tate for any PSI work you or your attorney may need to have done.

"I use Souder Tate's Pre-Sentence Investigation Services in all of my contested DWI sentencings. He does a great job presenting unbiased facts and findings that courts seem to respect."

- Springfield DWI Attorney

"I have known Souder Tate for nearly 15 years and I am consistently impressed with the devotion and care he extends to his clients. He always gives a superior effort on behalf of his clients. He is especially impressive when constructing sentencing arguments as he conducts his own investigations and prepares highly detailed sentencing packets for the judge. I strongly recommend Souder Tate."

-Springfield Criminal Defense Attorney